About Me

About Me


Why Are You Here?

Why have you stumbled upon my website? Even better, why have you come looking for me? I am an ESL Teacher, a freelance writer, and a freelance photographer. No, I cannot lead this introduction by boasting about a decade of experience, but what I can show you is that with ambition and dedication, I have developed a remarkable level of skill and talent in my work. You are here because you are in need of quality service and material, and I am here to deliver just that.

So, Who am I?

My name is Emily Green and I am from a small area, which you have never heard of, in southern Ontario, Canada. I have known my whole life that my personality and my dreams are much too big for the small-town narrative I grew up with. I come from small churches and vast farmlands. By secondary school, I had formed a slightly different identity; I was a black sheep, if you will. My life began revolving around music, travel, writing, photography, and a need to understand the world around me. I studied psychology, philosophy, world religions, law, and literature. I longed to escape and to expand my mind.

Some years ago now, I traveled solo to Vietnam to volunteer in a disability centre. That experience brought out the best version of myself that I had ever seen; one which I didn’t know I had. That first taste of really making a difference was addicting and it set me onto the course I’m living now.

While in secondary school, I was working two full time jobs and living on my own. I grew up quickly: I grew up young. I decided that my passion for English and my natural talent for teaching are what I should dedicate myself to pursuing. After quite some time, when I managed to save up enough money to travel, I got my TESOL and headed out overseas.

Here I am, against all odds, living my dream, and depending on people like you to trust my ability to provide you with top quality content. I assure you, you won’t be disappointed.

Like What You See?

I sure hope so! Follow me on social media to keep up with my adventures and my work. No social media? Want to get a little more personal? Email me at contact@emilysamgreen.com


On the rare occasion that I’m not working, you can probably find me wandering around in a jungle. If I’m not hiking, I’ve probably myself in a good book .


Me and my class of Novice Monks. Teaching these boys was a blessing.



I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend some time working with GVI and the Royal Thai Navy to help care for baby sea turtles while teaching in southern Thailand.

Let’s Do Business

I’m one of those strange people who really likes to work. Send me an email and let’s see if I can be of use to you.

“You’re Hired!”