My Life Through the Lens

I have this theory about photography and why it plays such an important role in my life. You see, I don't see very well. What I mean is, I'm legally blind in one eye so I literally see the world differently than most people. When it comes to my photography, there's something about controlling a lens, shifting focus, lighting, and zoom, that feels empowering to me.

Below, you will see a few examples from my photo series' and collections. For my full portfolio, please follow this link.

Travel Photography / Thailand

Thai Life

While teaching in Thailand, I spent all of my free time seeking out the wonders of the country. From weekends in Ao Nang to backpacking in Chiang Mai, I looked through my lens at some of the most gorgeous beaches, jungles, and animals that you can imagine.

To see the complete album of my photography from Thailand, follow this link.

Travel Photography / Cambodia

Beauty in Ruins

I must confess, it was only in Angkor that I broke out my camera, but it turns out that the ancient temples provided more than enough wonderful photo opportunities. Between a tuk-tuk ride around the small circuit and riding a bicycle 50km around the large circuit, my 3 days in Angkor was an experience I'll never forget.

To see the complete collection of my photos from Cambodia, follow this link.

Travel Photography / Laos

Head in the Clouds; I Ain't Ever Comin' Down

Northern Laos is home to some of the most incredible landscapes you'll ever set eyes on. This lush, green mountain range encompassing the majority of the country is absolutely breathtaking and, frankly, a freaking dream for photographers.

To see my photo compilation from Laos, follow this link.